Matched Betting Calculators

The Best Matched Betting Calculators 2018

A matched betting calculator is a tool that will help you get the best out of free bets. If you are reasonably good at maths you can do the calculations and same some money because the best products are not free. The calculator will be faster and more accurate which means more profit. This article will highlight the advantages of matched betting calculators and identify the most suitable for you.

Features of Matched Betting Calculators

Once you have become familiar with the concept of matched betting by reading out introductory guide you can decide if you need a calculator or feel comfortable doing your own calculations. The basic calculators advise on qualifying and lay bet stakes while the more advanced ones also cover underlaying and dutching.
Underlaying means calculating the stake for the lay bet so that you win more with the bookmaker if the back bet wins and less with the betting exchange.

Dutching means dividing your stake over a number of selections so that you get the same return regardless of which of the dutched selections wins.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough with the concepts to buy an advanced matched betting calculator you can create your own. You enter the stake and odds and the related profit and liability is calculated. You can adjust the lay stake so you get the same profit whatever the outcome. However, its recommended that you use a calculator in order to maximise your profit.

Top 5 Matched Betting Calculators

Here in our assessment are the best matched betting calculators in 2018. The calculators are not rated and are displayed in random order. You must choose the best product based on your level of experience. You can start with something simple and then move on to an advanced version when you have the experience.

Save the Student Matched Betting Calculator

This is a simple calculator that can be found on a blog that is not betting related. Experienced bettors will probably find this calculator too basic but it’s ideal for beginners.

You enter the back bet stake, back odds, lay odds and lay commission and this tool will calculate the lay stake, projected liability and qualifying bet loss. This product will not identify a suitable match but will help you to make money.

Matched Betting Blog Calculator

This version is more complex but simple enough for beginners. Three types of bet are covered: qualifying bet, free bet (stake returned or stake not returned) and risk fee bet. The qualifying bet element works in the same way as the Save The Student Calculator.

The free bet element is used when you are trying to extract a profit from a free bet or bonus so you should check the terms and conditions. The risk free bet element is used when you are trying to take advantage of promotions such as a risk free bet on the next horse race when you back the winner of the current race.

Odds Monkey Matched Betting Calculator

There are two elements of this calculator: basic and advanced. The basic section allows you to do calculations related to a free bet with stake returned and stake not returned. The advanced section allows you to underlay and overlay with the betting exchange. The result is more profit from a winning back bet or losing back bet depending on an underlay or overlay. A slider allows you to adjust the lay stake and see the potential outcome.

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Calculator

This calculator is similar to the Odds Monkey product. It has the same options but a different layout. If you are competent with one calculator you will be able to use the other without any difficulty.

Trickybet Matched Betting Calculator

This calculator is best suited to bettors with plenty of experience of matched betting who are comfortable with switching between modes. There is a standard calculator and a back and lay calculator.

There is a slider to calculate the underlay and overlay and a free bet element for stake returned and stake not returned.

How to Choose the Best Matched Betting Calculator for You

The five calculators listed will help with your matched betting. The choice should be made based on your level of experience. Newcomers should initially try a basic version and move towards more advanced products.

It’s a good idea to try a free calculator at first and then pay a premium for something more advanced when you have mastered the concepts. The choice is also dependent on goals and you can specialise and make a purchase accordingly. Its about finding the calculator that bests meets your requirements and suits your level of experience.


Matched betting is a skill that can earn you money consistently over a sustained period of time. The goal is to maximise profits and matched betting calculators will help you achieve that goal. Paying for a premium version may seem like a waste of money at first but it will pay for itself quickly because you will make money faster.